The Jhump Global Network

Jhump specializes in growing profits for businesses by capitalizing on our global relationships and their synergy created by our efforts in three mission critical areas: equipment & procurement services, business development and human capital. We constantly unearth new opportunities, resources and solutions as we execute strategic initiatives. As a result, we are able to help our customers overcome challenges effectively and efficiently.

Bringing good people, products, and companies together for the mutual cause of creating success for all.
Equipment & Services

Equipment & Procurement Services

Jhump's process provides a global network of qualified buyers and reliable sellers. The Jhump team's working knowledge of equipment accelerates the buying process. Our knowledge and global network of contacts enable us to match the right buyer with the right seller. Buyers get what they need and sellers yield greater returns as a result.

Jhump understands all types of equipment capabilities and their possible applications; in our routine procurement services we are able to source the best available solution for your needs, giving you a competitive option. Often, we are able to find those items quicker and save you money at the same time utilizing our surplus inventory. In addition, with our global network we are able to help locate hard to find and/or critical items.

Business Development

Business Development

Let us help you plan for your company's future. Maximize the performance of your business by leveraging our team's 100 + years of oilfield experience and network of contacts. Whether it's a start-up or established entity, we can help you evaluate the opportunity then support making the most out of your vision.

Jhump's years of rig floor to boardroom experience can provide your operations with support functions related to operations, human resources, finance, administration, contract management and much more. We're there when the need arises, offering reliable solutions to the oil and gas industry.

Human Capital

Human Capital

Jhump has relationships with the right people to fulfill your large-scale recruitment requirements; permanent or contract. Our first-hand knowledge of all facets that impact your operational decisions and our access to the best personnel ensure you acquire the right human capital for the job.

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