Record Surplus Equipment Sales & Inventory Drive Growth And Expansion For Jhump & Associates


Times are good for Jhump & Associates. In the past month, the Brookshire Texas based oil and gas industry solutions provider has moved to a brand new 30-acre facility and they’re going to need the space for all the surplus oilfield equipment they’ve been selling. In 2011, Jhump saw their surplus equipment year-to-year sales grow 117%. Company president Jerry Humphrey attributes the success to their quickly growing oil and gas surplus liquidation efforts, a new online marketing tool and the company’s global network of contacts.

“It’s not like the year before last was shabby. Our sales grew more than 300%,” Humphrey said.  “The success continued this past year because we focus on finding the right buyers and sellers across the globe and as a result, we’ve outperformed our customers’ expectations.”

In 2011, Jhump launched, a 24/7 online oil and gas surplus equipment source. Now Jhump not only puts boots on the ground to evaluate and determine a fair price for surplus equipment, they can also list it online immediately.

“The way we do business has changed. Buyers want immediate access to products,” Humphrey said. “ allows us to offer surplus equipment to buyers with the ease of clicking a mouse.”

Successful times at Jhump has also led the company to expand it’s headquarters, moving to a new 30-acre facility with a vast storage yard, a 14,000 sq ft warehouse and 4,500 sq ft of office space.

In the past, Humphrey said Jhump based their offices in West Houston while their surplus equipment was stored in Sealy, Texas. The new location provides an excellent environment to showcase the equipment they’re selling so quickly.

“There was a lot of coordination that had to take place before we moved. Now our customers can visit with us in our office and walk right out to the storage yard and take a look at a piece of equipment,” Humphrey said.  “We want to tailor our services around our customer’s schedule and this helps us do it.”

Humphrey is quick to say he wants to tell everyone about the new facility and talk more about Jhump’s growth. He’ll get his chance to do so in May as Jhump hosts a booth at the 2012 Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.