Rig Floor to Boardroom Experience

Our Points of Success:
Jhump is a gateway to solutions! The genesis of our work ethic and business approach is firmly embedded in the oilfield. Although a number of us have worked our way from the rig floor to the boardroom, we have never forgotten our roots. We are drilling people that understand the business and culture. Frankly, it is our competitive advantage. Our firsthand experience of over 100 plus years allows us to consistently demonstrate our value proposition. In a very short time, we have become a viable alternative to service providers that charge more, deliver less and struggle to understand our industry. We truly love being a part of its legacy.

Many recognize our success. Drilling and oilfield service executives routinely seek out our approach and solutions. To illustrate:

  • A bankruptcy proceeding required timely and effective coordination and liquidation of assets to satisfy bondholders. The bankruptcy judge recognized our expertise, capability to deliver, and our keen understanding of the surplus equipment market.
  • A client was actively seeking an executive leader to turn around its operations and move the organization forward. The search committee was falling short on suitable turnaround candidates. Consequently they looked to us, and we were able to persuade a recently retired executive veteran to take the helm.
  • A drilling company entering the Gulf of Mexico needed access to quality talent to crew the balance of the U.S. national staff. We successfully identified and screened candidates from our available talent pool to deliver over 50 personnel placements.
  • A drilling contractor was unable to find a critical part. They had exhausted all their suppliers, and the rig was off rate. The rig manager contacted us to help. Leveraging our network of direct and indirect sources, we sourced one and coordinated the delivery to the shore base in a number of hours. As a result of our efforts, an estimated 10 days of downtime was avoided!
  • A client was experiencing resource and time constraints breaking out the lump sum contract value of a number of new builds into various depreciable asset categories to meet IFRS requirements. Leveraging our equipment backgrounds and our access to suppliers, we delivered estimated costs for the equipment. Our approach and work product exceeded the expectations of both the client and their auditors.
  • A client was recently experiencing resource and time constraints while involved with a new accounting system implementation. Migration of historical balances was particularly important in order for the client to close the books for the year. Within two days we were able to offer a practical solution by augmenting their accounting staff with a seasoned professional that offered firsthand experience with migrating data for system implementations.
  • In a tight tradesman labor market, a client was experiencing difficulties sourcing a short term assignment for a welder. We were successful in leveraging our network of resources to provide a welder for the full term. After the term assignment, the client hired the welder straightaway.
  • An E & P client required assistance with the daily coordination of joint interest auditors reviewing the books and records of two offshore blocks. Leveraging our network of resources, we were able to promptly provide an audit coordinator resource.
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