Jhump provides you the right recruitment solutions – permanent or contract.

Jhump has relationships with the right people to fulfill your recruitment requirements. Our first-hand knowledge of all facets that impact your operational decisions and our access to the best personnel ensure you acquire the right human capital for the job.

5 Reasons to use Jhump for recruitment services.

  1. Global Network of Contacts – Access to the best personnel across the world.

    You name the location, and we'll find the most qualified individual or team that fits your specific requirements.
  2. Industry Experience – First-hand knowledge of all facets that impact your projects and operations.

    Whether your needs are for the oil & gas field or the back office, domestic or international, simple or complex, on-shore or off-shore, permanent or contract, the Jhump team has dealt with the critical issues and understands your requirements for success.
  3. Right People – Knowledge of necessary capabilities for your project or operational needs.

    Every location and project poses unique challenges, and the right person must possess the right skill sets and fit your situation, your organization and the local culture. Having lived and worked in most of the major operating locations, the Jhump team has first-hand experience in assembling the right human capital for the job.
  4. Save Time & Effort – Simplify the process and deliver pre-qualified candidates.

    Typically, we send you one or two capable professionals that fit your needs who have been pre-qualified, not hundreds of resumes that have to be reviewed. We do your homework and send you individuals that are the right fit.
  5. Affordable Solution – Realize cost and time investment savings by leveraging our experience, contacts and streamlined process.

    Identifying the right people doesn't have to be a long, complicated and costly process. The Jhump team will quickly determine the scope of your needs, pre-qualify the appropriate talent, and deliver the best candidate to you. By streamlining this process, you will save time and money.
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