Jhump and Associates has deep experience from the rig floor to the boardroom, exceptional field resources and proven liquidation expertise to handle any challenge.

Jhump has key resources that ensure buyers and sellers continue to get what they expect. A team of field service technicians and warehouse and inventory capabilities eliminate headaches and support bringing surplus to market. Jhump taps it's vital Market knowledge to set fair market values.

Jhump delivers the right experience, the right resources and a proven track record of success.

The end-result of working with Jhump & Associates is always the same: delivering a solution that drives profits.

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Jerry Humphrey
Founder & President

Jerry Humphrey, Founder and President of Jhump & Associates, has over 30 years experience in the Oil & Gas industry. Throughout his career, Jerry has provided leadership to start up new operations, working with both domestic and foreign customers, service companies, governments, customs, and tax and legal professionals to assure successful business plans and operation goals for companies. He has managed company operations in over 14 countries, living in many of these countries for extended periods of time.

Additionally, Jerry has played major roles in helping some of the largest companies in the industry position themselves both operationally and financially to allow them to carry out very successful IPO's.

Jerry's experience both on a national and global scale, along with his talent of putting the expertise of good people, good companies, services and products together to create the synergy needed to fill any requirement has given him the confidence, drive and global vision to form Jhump & Associates.

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Buddy Mee
Chief Operating Officer
Vice President of Business Development

Buddy Mee, C.O.O., Vice President of Business Development, has a track record of over 20 years for delivering exceptional results in a timely manner. Buddy's specialty is improving a company's bottom line profits by addressing and resolving issues of a mission critical nature.

Buddy draws from finely tuned abilities across a broad spectrum of corporate disciplines including administrative, operational, project management, information technology, international ventures and financial services. As a result, Buddy identifies opportunities for improvement through a process driven approach and he consistently delivers substantive improvements that enhance profits. He is comfortable both in the field or the boardroom and is not afraid to ask tough questions in either venue. His working knowledge of all facets of field, corporate and international operations enables Buddy to provide insightful solutions that address the needs of all levels of organizations.

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