Jhump provides you the right placement solutions – permanent or contract.

Jhump will identify the right positions that meet your placement requirements, whether permanent or contract. Our access to the best drilling & oilfield companies across the world will save you significant time and effort.

5 Reasons to use Jhump for candidate services.

  1. Global Network of Contacts – Access to the best opportunities across the world.

    You provide your qualifications and interests, and we'll find the best opportunity that fits your career goals, your compensation objectives and your personality.
  2. Industry Experience – First-hand knowledge of all facets of operations and locations puts you in the right place.

    Whether you're looking for positions in the oil & gas field or the back office, domestic or international, on-shore or off-shore, permanent or contract, the Jhump team has a clear understanding of how well opportunities will fit your individual needs, and how well your capabilities fit the opportunity.
  3. Right Organization – Match you with the organization and position that fit best.

    Every organization has a unique culture, and the right one will fit your personality. Having worked with a wide range of organizations of all types, Jhump has first-hand experience in the elements that drive a company's culture.
  4. Save Time & Effort – Simplify the job search process.

    By taking time to clearly understand you and your goals, we pre-qualify opportunities and organizations so that you don't waste time and effort on positions that do not fit. We do the legwork, and only send you to organizations that are tailored to your needs.
  5. Solid Compensation – Realize your compensation goals by leveraging our experience, contacts and knowledge.

    Identifying the right opportunity requires diligent preparation and clear understanding of your personal situation and potential. The Jhump team will help you identify the optimal opportunities that deliver a complete compensation package that serves your objectives.
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