Equipment LiquidationJhump provides you the right equipment disposition solutions.

The Jhump & Associates Network facilitates the provision of expert or technical resources and equipment liquidation that meet your requirements, whatever they may be. Don't let your growth be limited by competing for the same resources as everyone else.

5 Reasons to use Jhump for equipment liquidation.

  1. Global Network of Contacts – Access to end-users of all types across the world.

    When you want to turn your surplus into cash, turn to the Jhump team's global network of companies and associates as a viable market where you can get the highest value for your equipment.
  2. Equipment Knowledge – Understanding of all types of equipment capabilities and applications.

    The Jhump team has a deep knowledge of the use and capabilities of each piece of equipment, from the crown to the ground and from bow to stern. This knowledge ensures that you receive the fair market value given current marketplace conditions.
  3. Match the Right Buyer and Seller – Identifying the best available solutions for both parties.

    Acquire the best value for your equipment by matching the needs of the ideal end-users with your equipment.
  4. Manage the Process and Deliver Pre-qualified Leads – Simplifying the lead acquisition process.

    Identifying surplus equipment and viable buyers can be a drain on your resources. Jhump will help you assess and manage your assets, while helping you develop a plan to meet your objectives.
  5. Save Time & Money – Reach more buyers faster with Jhump.

    By creating a solid plan and tapping their global network, Jhump helps you find the quickest sale and maximum return. In addition, with Jhump you can eliminate costly multiple middlemen that can diminish your profits.

Some of the equipment categories we typically deal in are:

Equipstream Equipment and Parts